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Top 10 Best Flashlights In 2022

The pocket model, which is rechargeable in aluminium and has an 800-lumen rating, measures just 7.7cm in length. However, its three Cree XP–G2 LEDs can be used to light up a tennis court. Its diffuse, ultra-wide white beam is perfect for revealing the route ahead and to both sides. Ingeniously, instead of switching on at full pelt, the first time you press the button, it emits a soft glow so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

The Alflash Rechargeable LED Floodlight Torch can beam up to 800m, so it will not shine on anything. And it’s splash-proof, so you’ll be able to use it in the rain. Because it’s made of an aluminium alloy, it’s also shock-proof and able to withstand being thrown in the back of a truck or van.

  • The box contains a USB charging cable.
  • It’s waterproof and Olight promises that you can drop it from as high as 1.5m without damaging it.
  • Strong and pleasingly heavy to hold – this water resistant, rechargeable model is one of the best, with a stonking 643 lumens in its strongest setting.
  • The Vont Spark is powered by three standard AAA batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

This light can be focused with a simple, intuitive, twist of the lamp. You can tilt it within a 60deg angle. This allows you to adjust it to suit your needs. It has a maximum light distance of 130 metres and an optimum light distance of 40 metres. The head torch has a maximum burn time of 35 hours, with the lowest settings activated, and a minimum burn time of 4.5 hours. Next up in our best flashlight ranking is a particularly compact option. You’ll be amazed at how bright this flashlight can shine when you hold it in your hands.

Olight Sr1 Baton Ii Mini Torch

So you don’t get left in the dark without warning, a red low battery indicator lamp starts flashing when power is failing. Six modes, including a red and green option, allow users to cleverly preserve night vision, while there is also a dimming option to control light intensity. In conclusion, this is an inexpensive and fuss free entry-level headlamp option. The Olight is a tactical, technical torch lover’s dream.

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This small product combines safety, effectiveness, and self-defence. Depending on which variant you choose, you can expect up to 200 hours of operation with great visibility in both urban and outdoor environments. Brightness settings are useful for different activities and to preserve battery life. Low brightness settings emit a dimmer light and use less power, whereas the maximum brightness setting will use the full lumen capacity of the head torch and drain the battery more quickly. As we mentioned in our reviews, some LEDs are higher quality than others and will give off more light. These products are usually higher up on the price range though.

Fenix Pd40r V2 0 Rechargeable LED Torch, 3000 Lumens

This provides the ultimate in running lighting – it’s so bright it’s almost like running in daylight. However, this monster beam results in a reduced battery life when it’s burning 1200 lumens, but on medium mode it will provide 450 lumens for up to 6 hours. The Silva Trail Speed 5R requires that you carry the battery pack on your headband. This adds weight, but you don’t notice it because you’re too busy looking at the brightness. The best led torch can mean most powerful or it can even be tactical with a long narrow range. This could also signify that you are looking for value for your money, as well as a decent battery and quick charge time, if it’s rechargeable. I have you covered, from tactical LED torch lanterns for camping to tactical LED torch lanterns for tactical use. There are also other options.

Durable, lightweight and water-resistant, this immensely bright torch comes with a range of lighting modes and colours. An LED flashlight is an essential tool that you should always have on hand, regardless of whether you’re fixing something at home or going camping with your kids. Detective Store’s torches are a product worth recommending. They are made solidly and visually appealing, making them irreplaceable over the years. Among the most popular solutions are pocket LED flashlights offering several hours of operation time, light focus adjustment and a very decent light range.

How We Picked These Head Torches

The Vont Spark is powered by three standard AAA batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. at night. This torch is perfect for anyone who loves to camp or run nightly trails. You can wear it on your head or chest, which means the number of evening activities you can do with it is greatly increased. It is powered by a single AA battery , and with a low battery indicator to keep you up to speed, the LedLenser MH3 delivers up to 200 lumens.

  • The included USB rechargeable powerbank can keep your phone charged and can also be used to power up your phone in case of an emergency.
  • The Acebeam Rider RX is very waterproof and rugged. It also doubles as an accessory belt clip thanks to its tail switch mechanism.
  • If you’re camping, a flashlight or head-torch are essential tools.
  • And if you don’t have access to a power source, simply replace the removable rechargeable battery with three normal AAA batteries.
  • They are an absolute must when you think about long night walks at night as well as searching the buildings, caves.

This torch is non-rechargeable and battery powered. Head to our Life Systems Intensity 370 Hand Torch review for more info. BioLite’s contraption looks like something you would wear to adorn the bonce a sci-fi movie villain. It weighs just 50g and is so light that users will forget it is there. Convenience further comes in the shape of micro USB charging of its rechargeable battery, and the fact that its front panel can be tilted downward to train on whatever bit of camera kit it is you’re adjusting. Its light modes are versatile, in that a classic white spot beam can be swapped for a dimmable red for night time activity. Alternatively it can be used in conjunction with three optional AAA batteries for those embarking on longer trips.

Guide To Choosing The Right Camping Lights

If you’re after a small but affordable torch that packs a punch, the Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED hand torch could light up your life. It comes with a 370 lumens LED lightbulb, but it is what it does with it which is impressive. The beam can be narrowed and widened for different uses, and when concentrated it becomes very bright – able to light up subjects from well over 100ft away. There are five brightness modes available, including a flashing SOS for safety. It’s very compact and easy to carry.

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It’s worth looking at models such as the GP Xplor PHR15 which uses rechargeable batteries and has an integrated USB port that allows you to plug in and charge up a portable power bank. Our main head torch is generally a beefed up version of its smaller counterpart, usually a little Best Flashlight Taser heavier, but with that; greater battery life, brighter lumen output and possibly a reactive beam. These features are usually the extent of the features head torches carry – after all, their sole purpose is to provide as much light as possible, for as long as possible. A pocket flashlight is the best option if you only need it for holiday or day-to-day use.

Type Of Switch

Strong and pleasingly heavy to hold – this water resistant, rechargeable model is one of the best, with a stonking 643 lumens in its strongest setting. Its eco mode still lights up a dark night and means the battery lasts for days on end. This tactical rechargeable flashlight is the most powerful and has the longest beam distance of all NiteCore P20 flashlights. With a beam distance of 343 metres this light is perfect for search ops, law enforcement and self-defense. The light includes a battery, holder for two CR123 cells, tactical holster and USB-C charging cable. It also comes with a wrist strap, pocket clip, additional O-ring, and a pocket clip.

  • This excellent model from Ledlenser features two different outputs – 20 lumens for general low-light use and 400 lumens for brightening up the landscape.
  • No matter what your needs, you will find the right product for you.
  • It has an extremely bright main beam, boasting an output of up to 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 110m.
  • This torch is perfect for anyone who loves to camp or run nightly trails.

The replaceable AAA batteries provide up to 25 hours of operation. It is one of our brightest torches at 1600 lumens and can be recharged so you can light up the night over and over again. Features a 600m light range, with a 7-point LED head, 8 light functions and 3 light programmes. Includes a charging station, carry strap, and tripod mount for stationary lighting. The 500-lumen output comes from an array of 7 LEDs arranged in two rows.


It has an extremely bright main beam, boasting an output of up to 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 110m. It can cycle through five levels of brightness and also has strobe, SOS or beacon functions. These are all cycled through via one glove-friendly button that is fully pressed, half pressed, held or double clicked to

This LED torch is powered by 3600mah lithium ion battery that has great running time. A full charge can last up to 12 hours depending on the brightness setting and the light source. The box contains a USB charging cable.

Led Flashlights

In all a versatile and tough little torch, but not necessarily one you’d want to rely upon for extreme outdoor adventures. For more information, please visit our Acebeam Rider RX torch overview. The larger models tend to run on ‘D’ batteries (commonly referred to as ‘flashlight batteries’). These will be discussed in greater detail later on in this feature. A flashlight or head-torch is essential kit if you are camping out. If it’s a head-torch you’re looking for, the Petzl TACTIKKA Plus RGB is an ideal choice.

flashlights reviews

We’ve tested the S1R II Baton on camping and walking at night, and we can attest to its brightness – 1,000 lumens at full power. The light beam is also precise, reaching out to a maximum distance 145m. This is sufficient when you’re walking to the toilet block at night, or returning from the trail after darkness falls. It’s very lightweight too, and is easy to grip, thanks to a texturised ‘milled’ body, even if you’ve built up an admirable sweat adventuring. Bright, powerful and lightweight – at the lower end of the price spectrum, you can’t go wrong with Decathlon’s headlamp. This will work well if you run in the dark for at least an hour. With 300 lumens on max power for a 3hr burn time, and up to 75m range, this will adequately illuminate your path ahead, whether off-road on the trails or through unlit streets.