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Make the check payable to Swimwear365 and include the appropriate amount as well as your personal account number. You can deposit this money into your bank account, or at the Post Office. With the former, however, the cheque must be made payable to Post Office Counters Ltd. Quickserv, an over-the-phone smart payment option, is another popular option. You can do so by calling Swimwear365 customer service and providing them with the Quickserv number listed on your account statement.

I ordered my bottoms immediately from another supplier. The day after I received an email, you guessed it the bikini top order was cancelled, insufficient stock, ggggrrrr so annoying. Luckily enough I managed to order the bikini top from another supplier. Not sure I’d use company again as there system for stock control is lacking somewhat.

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Grattan also offers a virtual assistant to help with straightforward enquiries, this feature is available 24/7. Don’t give out your debit or credit card details over the phone. Grattan PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . Although it may seem advantageous, a buy-now-pay-late credit agreement can be risky. They have released two main clothing catalogues as well as a specialist catalogue.

Based in Bradford, UK they began in 1915 as a clothing company In 1991, Grattan was bought by the German mail-order company, Otto Versand. Talking to a debt management company can help you find new ways to budget. Your current financial situation, such as income/outcome amount and the APR of the interest rates, will be taken into account.

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Spread the cost of Fashion and Holiday clothing with the swimwear365 catalogue credit account. Offering pay monthly and buy now pay later credit options. You should read Swimwear365 reviews before applying for a personal credit card. This will allow you to purchase holiday clothing, footwear, and accessories without breaking the bank. Swimear365’s Shape Calculator is one of the most useful shopping tools. When purchasing swimwear, it assists customers in determining the size that will fit them.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from for every season and holiday destination. You can be certain to find the right swimwear for you. Swimwear365 offers an exclusive range of swimwear which is designed to be trendy, flattering and affordable. Swimwear365 conducts credit checks and affordability checks to ensure customers are able to pay the correct amount within the specified timeframe. If you have poor credit, you may not be approved for a Swimwear365 card. I thought oh some nice swimwear, I shall order a few items and oh cool its offerring me to set up personal account…..

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They can check your credit rating and advise you on how to move forward in communicating with the catalogue company. We can offer indispensable information on how to access services that can help you balance your budget for better repayment options. I placed my order for one swimsuit, one bikini bottom, and one bikini top. Total cost was around £70. I received an email shortly after that confirming my costume was on its route. The next day, I received another email informing me that my bikini bottoms had been cancelled due too low stock. I went on webchat to double check that the bikini bra was still available as I was going to order the bottoms elsewhere, to which they told me yes and they would be sent out shortly.