Rental Appraisals Explained + Online Resources

Your investment property may not be maximising its full potential as oftentimes, landlords are unaware of how the market is performing. We believe in maximizing returns on your real estate investment and are thus well equipped to study the ongoing changes in the rental market causing rent fluctuations.

With the wealth of proven knowledge and highly passionate staff we will be your perfect choice to manage your property. Rental appraisals are just as important in rental markets like Manukau and Papakura that are currently experiencing a fluctuations in median weekly rents.

those wondering about the property appraisal cost, some real estate agencies charge a fee, however at Watson Integrity, we offer complete no-obligation and Free property rental appraisals. Although you may believe that rental appraisals only need to be completed when evaluating potential deals, this is not always true. You should appraise investment properties as an investor for many reasons. One reason is that your appraisal will give you an idea about the market’s appreciation.

Our team will find the best tenants for your property and take care of it. A second opinion is a good idea if you already use a property management company. It can give you assurance that you are getting the best return on your investment or help you see what you’re missing. Some property management companies can achieve more premium rental returns due rental appraisal info to their larger database of tenants looking to upgrade or change their home. If you are interested in finding out the current market rent value of a property, then complete the form above – we will be happy to help. It may seem that rental appraisals only are completed when evaluating a deal, but this is not always true.

Our skilled team member will visit your property to assess the current condition. McDonald’s Real Estate has a team of experienced property managers who are familiar with the many complexities involved in managing a rental home and assessing its worth to potential tenants. They offer comprehensive tenant screening to reduce the chance of problems tenants, manage issues or maintenance, as well as keeping up with the constantly changing legal requirements.

Due to the number of properties managed, which is currently sitting at around 760+ Taranaki-wide, the team have an excellent knowledge of the weekly rental value a property can achieve. The market may be stronger at different times and this can vary between different property types. It’s the team’s whole-region expertise that means you get the best insight when making your property investment decisions. You can usually find similar properties currently being advertised online, which helps give you an idea of what a realistic weekly rent might be. Particularly if the properties are being marketed by professional property managers. Fill out the form to request your free rental appraisal and find out the current market value for your rental property.

What is the importance of rent effectiveness?

Net Effective Rent Can Be An Effective Marketing Tool For Multifamily Landlords/Investors. Potential tenants might feel misled by the fact that the monthly rent they pay is lower than what they actually pay. However, net effective rent can be a powerful tool for landlords as well as property managers.

Your property does not need to be empty to have a rental appraisal completed. You don’t even need to own the property. Many people rent an appraisal for future property investments. Investors can also get an estimate of the property’s value from plans. This is handy for those investors investigating the potential of building either a second dwelling or a new build home as a rental investment. Are you unsure of how much rent to charge for your property or what rental income it could generate? Our rental appraisals are based upon current rental figures in your local area and provide you with an estimate of the market value of your property.

The latest Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 limits rent increases to once every 12 month. It is important to be aware and current about the market rate. Immediately after the property tour, we’ll be able to provide our rental appraisal, which will give you an idea about the range of rent that we believe can be achieved. We’ll also share some information with you about Irelands and let you know how we can help you manage your property. Though you do not want to charge a rent level that is too low and miss out on returns, you also do not want to charge too much rent either!

When you request a rental appraisal from a rental property professional, you’ll put yourself in the best position for property investment success. To organise a free rental appraisal on your property contact our team today by clicking on the image below. You should conduct regular rental reviews to ensure that you get the best returns on your investment property.

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